I have lived my life in thirds.

As a child of South Africa I grew up under the sun-drenched sub-Saharan sky, privy to the highveld storms, the joys of barefoot living and the unfortunate laws of Apartheid. For nearly a decade I lived in a country defined by segregation, a system so well implemented that I – an English speaking white child – was unaware that some 40 million people lived in my country.

When Nelson Mandela was voted into power in 1994 I learned how culture simultaneously unites and divides, and was fortunate to have been a part of the teenage generation of change in the new South Africa. It is these lessons of tolerance and global acceptance that have spurred my life of travel.

In the 10 years that have followed I have travelled to 70-odd countries, living closely with people of all backgrounds, all cultures, all differences. Working behind the camera, loosing myself in journals and sitting quietly with people of other languages has been instrumental in developing an attitude of solidarity with those around me.

I hope that my work is in some small way able to capture the softness I have found in the smiles of those who suffer most, the joy that comes from the weather, and the simple ignorance of those who have not yet been taught to be indifferent.