Speakto Your App-etite

A first of its kind in London the Crouch End Digital Food Festival brings visitors a palette of gastronomical joys, free samples and tasty treats during the month of October.

Hosted by Speakto in conjunction with The Crouch End Project, the digital food festival is presented as interactive maps accessed via the Crouch End Project App and documented online through the writings of resident food bloggers and social media platforms.

The festival includes Crouch End favourites such as Riley (known for it’s homemade, secret recipe ice-cream) and Morley Butchers where South African Beef Biltong is hand smoked on the premises.

From a Secret Supper Club with eight courses on the 12th October to fiery chilli jam tasting at Hot Pepper Jelly Café on the 17th October and Sample Saturdays at pan-asian restaurant

Tootoomoo, there is something for everyone.

The idea came from Dunn’s Bakery owner Christopher Freeman who earned the support of the Haringey Council’s high street innovation fund by cutting out the costs of distributing printed flyers. The project was started as part of the high street enrichment program and aims to celebrate the wealth of award winning local coffee shops, produce and quality restaurants in Crouch End.

Crouch End is a food-loving area and locals are proud of their farmers market, hand-grown organic produce on the roof of the local Thornton’s Budgens and the seemingly endless variety of restaurants to enjoy.

Local eateries are colour coded to show where discounts, free samples and daily events can be found.

The App can be downloaded for iPad or iPhone on the Crouch End Project’s website at www.crouchendproject.co.uk. Daily events, local photographs and community feedback can be viewed at http//www.facebook.com/CrouchEndDigitalFoodFestival2013.

Those with a Crouch End Card receive 15% discount. The festival ends October 31st 2013.


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