Rainbow Warrior

When the imagination moves mountains, it is hard to love another. It is hard to look across the distance between head and heart and find in its space a cosy armchair where thousands of weary wanderers have found solace in the comfort of another.

Love is challenging. In a society where everyone is displayed as normal and each has their own agenda, love tears down the walls of our private fortress, exposes secrets, unravels the hidden staircase to the depths of the mind and shows us who we are.

It is hard to love another, and I am straight.

What happens when we are faced with a whole other dimension in the world of judgement and mirrors? How does it work when society refuses to reflect on the love we share?

Beneath the magnifying microscope of those who pick us apart and send love on a journey of self-satisfaction, castles are built by hand. It is the oldest, most endearing quality of love that makes it burn with an unquenchable desire to defy that which challenges it into submission.

Gay love, contested and controversial as we ask it to be, is the softest love of all. It moves imagination, rocks mountains to the core, inspires courage, challenges.

Most of all, it asks us to be better.

It demands that we put aside ourselves, that we see beyond the borders of our private house of judgement and stand in awe at the jaw-falling capacity of the human heart to love.


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