Homemade Condensed Milk Ice Cream

Everybody has a favourite family meal. Mine comes from my late aunt known affectionally to all, family or not, as “Aunty Pam.” As a kid we used to go around to her house for Sunday Roast and hope she had made her special ice cream. It’s the kind of sickly sweet that leaves you licking the insides of your mouth hoping for one more drop. Just watching it slide off the spoon is a guilty pleasure.

It’s childhood in a bowl. It reminds me of the days when stealing Condensed Milk from the top shelf of the pantry and sucking it straight out of the tin on a hot, sunny day was a secret undertaking involving a carefully crafted mission of stealth and wit.

Sadly, through life’s mishaps, Aunty Pam was taken too young by the relentless grip of Cancer, and now her famous ice cream bears a new side of childhood revisited. Memories. The smell of her kitchen, apricot tree out back. 

For years this has been a well-guarded family treat. Make it, taste it, love it and share it, but never forget that it comes from the old days when kitchens were warm and life was a simple ebb and flow through the long, hot, African summers.


Beat 4 egg whites to a stiff peak with a good dash of Vanilla.

Pour 600 ml fresh cream (single cream) and 1 tin of condensed milk into the eggs while the beater is running and mix well.

Freeze, stirring every once in a while to make sure it freezes evenly.

In keeping with tradition, this ice-cream is usually best just as it is. It’s rich, creamy and sweet. For variations, peanut butter, berries, chocolate chunks, fudge chips or honey can be added near the end when it’s just about frozen solid. You can use anything to add flavour. You can also make a low fat version by using 3 egg whites, half the cream and low fat condensed milk.


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