Triple Chocolate Delight

This pudding came about one rainy Tuesday when I couldn’t decide if it was a Condensed Milk or Cheesecake sort of day: a dangerous combination of cravings, especially combined with a chocolate overstock in the pantry. Simply put, this is divine, indulgent and pure bliss!


Crush half a packet of coconut biscuits and combine with melted butter to make a moist base. I use Tennis Biscuits in South Africa, and Nice Biscuits in England. Digestives also work. Share the base out evenly between 6 champagne glasses and put them in the fridge. You can press the biscuits firmly into the bottom of the glass to make it set better.

Blend 1 tin condensed milk with a tub of smooth cottage cheese, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a table spoon of vanilla essence. Mix this well until it’s very smooth and all of the lumps are gone. Better still, buy smooth cottage cheese if you can find it, but the lumpy version works if you’re patient about blending it.

Separate the filling mix into 3 bowls. The 3 tiers need to be made separately and set in-between layers, starting with dark because it sets the fastest.

Melt 3/4 slab of Cadbury Dark and pour slowly into the first bowl of mixture whilst stirring. Fill the glasses to approximately 1/3 full and allow to set. This layer sets quickly, about 5 minutes should do it.

Melt 3/4 slab Cadbury Milk and pour slowly into second bowl of mixture. It’s important to keep it moving because the temperature change makes the chocolate set again. Stir quickly! Fill a second layer in your glasses and set for about 30 minutes.

Melt 3/4 slab Cadbury Dream and add to the third bowl. Fill the glasses with the white layer and allow to set for a good 4-6 hours. This layer takes a lot longer to set than the other layers.

Grate all of the remaining chocolate. Pile fresh Blueberries or similar onto the top of each dessert and cover with the grated chocolate. The berries help to tone down the sweetness and keep it juicy.

This is a very decadent dessert! Totally delicious!


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