For the Love of April

For the love of April

A yellow month, filled with long afternoons of low slung sunshine in the Savannah, April is the perfect time to find a mate. Temperatures cool, hormones rage and in a world defined by survival of the fittest the ability to flirt is a desirable skill.

Male tensions run high.

Complex mating dances, explosions of colour and dramatic challenges are flaunted before watchful female eyes.

The girls play it cool.

Seemingly disinterested, an attentive female waits patiently, quietly scrutinising the spectacular displays for weakness, sifting out the poorer genes and selecting her match with utmost care.

Strength is crucial.

April is a busy time of year in the bush. Animals hustle and bustle, schools are on holiday, Easter rolls in and the boutique, private lodges fill their luxurious beds with nature lovers on a trip of a lifetime.

It is a lovely time to travel to Africa. The warm weather is comfortable, the rainfall just right. Wildlife is abundant, and at it’s best, making April safaris ideal throughout Southern Africa.

*Original blog post published for Robert Mark Safaris


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