Find solace in your wings.

Fly with the grace of a
thousand golden sunsets,
light the painted skies
and shine bright My Lady.

Angel of love,
Keeper of all.


Calm picking daffodils
buttercup fields of the heart
strum you bitter-sweet
wrap yourself in the dreams of the world
follow me to the depths of who I am
a clown with a dragon
a satellite
an orbit
a fire.

Dance with me.

Silent Symphonies

Hear the symphony of God
rose pink and golden light,
warm winds on a calm desert night.

Strumming His sweet sounds the
rains will fall, their rythmic beats the
hearts of heavenly hosts.

Speak not a word.
The voice of God is silence.

Subtle Hues

When I look to you I see future
neatly wrapped up like a spool,
its secrets tucked away,
warm hues
waiting to be found.

If I slip my hand too casually through you,
if I blast you too readily with light
you will dilute before me,
consuming yourself in a
brightness I can only
hope will one day let me
know the fragilities of colour,
and the subtle science with
which it’s brought to life.